Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Virtual FD

well on xbox we like to play formula drift, well now we are running a real season pretty cool actually. heres the link

been a while but some news

Well i didn't go to FD round 1 this year, but its cool, Jr won so im happy. went on speed hunters, saw some nice car. like matt powers new livery, and tommy roberts car is back, looks good
heres some pics from speed hunters

saw this R32 i was in heaven, driven by Ian Fournier

takatori is driving the drift emporium S15, which is now SUPERCHARGED

so heres some drivers with new cars

1. takatori Drift emporium S15

2Forrest Wang Drift Emporium G35

3. James Deane with Falken S15

4.Andrew Comrie Picard Sams old viper

5mike essa with the beamer

check out Jr's new mustang

check out Sam Hubinette with the new challenger looks cool

Matt powers new paint screams his new style, 80's cheetah print, with zeebra