Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is my boy Ricky's 07 WRX STI. The thing is freaking nice. well here is some pics
CIMG1085 by you.
CIMG1084 by you.
CIMG1079 by you.


Travis's Supra

Travis is in line for an Reader' Rides article on Speed Hunters for his 86' Toyota Supra. He deserves it. The guy is a die hard Speed Hunters fan. He went on it so many time at my house, on my computer, that I could not get it off of my Top Sites list for weeks. It drove me crazy. Anyway, back to Travis. I'm glad he's getting the chance to have this. His biggest dreams were to get laid, get his driver's license, drive the street rod (37' Chevy), and possibly have an feature in an popular form of media. Now that The three are complete, there is only one more that must be done. We all know which one, getting laid... oops i mean the last one. Congrats Travis!

Photos Courtesy of: Jordan


MKIII's Are The Shit

because i own a MKIII i wanted to show a bunch of other cool MKIII's

Lets start off with, Leigh from risky devil.

Beautiful choice in color. GREAT stance, nice rim choice, I talk to him every once in a while

on MSN, or forza for advice when working on mine


this is how low he gets, this photo was before his new paint job


next i found this on, kinda got a knight rider, or Mad Max feel to it

nice, kinda a little ricey though

Photos Courtesy of: Risky Devil, Motor Mavens, and Google Images

Joon Maeng

Photo Courtesy of: Speed Hunters

Former Privateer Formula Drift driver Joon Maeng got a new car and a new sponsor.

JTP Joins Jr. and the Falken Tires Team

Photo Courtesy of: Speed Hunters

Justin Pawlak has moved on from the Bergenholtz RX8 to a new 2010 Ford Mustang. He's following behind Vaugh Gitten Jr. It's finally nice to see some drivers moving up to bigger teams.

Press Release

A 37' For the Scrapbooks

This is my 37' Chevy Business Coupe.

bring it home by you.

This is when we brought it home.

engine by you.

It currently has a SBC 350 under the hood, with Edlebrock highrise manifolds, a MSD igintion and a straight-axle front end. It's nothing too special.

my GF and the 37chevy by you.

This photo is at Billetproof in Antioch featuring the 37', myself, and my girlfriend Masha (Photo Courtesy of: Jordan).